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Popular Baby boy names in 2015

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Known lastnames & cities: Sachar Ogden, Modi St. Petersburg, Din Tonawanda, Kalla San Rafael, Kennedy Oyster Bay, Shepherd Bellingham, Biswas Southfield, Dale Naperville, Howard Sioux Falls, Miles Vineland, Cherry Joliet, Varma Napervilleship, Wable South Gate, Wade Homestead, Kapadia Abilene, Gentry Houston, Castro Rock Hill, Garrison Baldwin Park, Whitaker Round Rock, Dyer Calumetship, Agate Tyler, Hegde Akron, Joyce Cherry Hillship, Martin Ann Arbor, Nath Santa Monica, Holden Carmel, Holman Abilene, Sahota Acadia Parish, Bava Sioux , Preston Perris, Mcdaniel Alhambra.
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