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The big bath allows the child to move with hands, feet and the head, at all without limiting movements, - logically it is meant that a bath it will be thus completely filled with water. In a big bath water cools down more slowly, allowing parents not to twitch in this occasion and not to stand with a teapot in the hands, each 30 seconds glancing at the thermometer.

You perfectly know that many things in water easier to do - bathe after all in the seas and small rivers. To take a big stone, for example. On a land you it and from the earth will not tear off, and in water - easily. It occurs because of the very ancient Greek Archimedes who "thought up" the law on, how on a body shipped in water, something there presses and pushes out. In water easier not only to lift weights but also to breathe - in that case, certainly, when under water everything, except heads. Respiratory muscles work in the usual mode, but their force increases. Lungs, thus, finish better, and a dust and dirt, settled in bronchial tubes during the day, from an organism удаляются.61 And it is simple remarkably. After all you live, most likely, not in the wood - means with a dust and dirt which in air, the child the whole day contacts.

Actively moving in a big bath, the kid has possibility to spend energy and to be tired, therefore, its dream and appetite improve. Besides muscles and heart train. And if the child well sleeps, well sleeps it mother, having thus, first, milk, secondly, forces for the different house put and, thirdly, desire these affairs to do.


First of all, a floor, if it is slippery (a tile, marble), is very necessary rubber rug. In a bathroom it is necessary to place the low stool on which the main bather will sit. Besides, it is desirable to have a shelf - on it we will put clock to be guided in durations of bathing. Special attention it is necessary to give doors, but not in that sense of which you, for certain, thought, - say that densely it was closed. Situation absolutely other. For a human body unnaturally sharp change of humidity of air. When from the steamed out baths you will incur the child in dry air of a living room, can arise problems (for example, with ears). Therefore it is very important during bathing not to close a door in a bathroom! And its (door) it is necessary corresponding in a way to prepare, that it spontaneously was not closed. It not so big complexity (it will not turn out to adjust a loop - substitute a stool or adhere the handle to something in a corridor).

To the most bathing follows thoroughly – carefully to clean. The best and safest means for this purpose - usual baking soda (any other cleaners I to you to apply I do not advise). After cleaning - properly to rinse, for the first time quite good to pour out pair boiled water buckets. Subsequently actively to clean a bath there is enough once a week, and if during the day it was not used by anybody from adults for washing or washings, it is enough to rinse flowing water from a shower. To combine clothes drying with bathing it is not so obligatory.

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